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Forged Grinding Ball
Forged Grinding Ball

Forged Grinding Ball

According to the present situation of Φ9.75×4.88m SAG mill, grid plate hole 60mm, and we recommended your company changed ball diameter from the original Φ120 to Φ125, filling rate from 9-10% to 11-12%, so that it is more effectively to increase the grinding quality and processing ore.

Base on the high quality raw material, the advanced automated equipment, the heat processing and the strict quality control system, we can improve the surface hardness of grinding ball up to 58-65HRC and impact toughness of grinding ball is over 12J/cm².

Features of forged grinding ball

1) High hardness: surface hardness of forged grinding balls is to HRC 58-65. The tolerance of the core hardness and surface hardness is not over 2HRC;

2) Good Impact Toughness: impact toughness of forged grinding balls is over 12J/cm²;

3) Low Broken Rate: the actual broken rate is not higher than 1%.

Physical Property
ProductsSurface hardness (HRC)Core hardness (HRC)Impact value Ak(J/cm²)Times of falling balls
60Mn Forged grinding ball  58-65≥45≥12≥10000
B2 Forged grinding ball60-65≥55
B3 Forged grinding ball60-65≥55
B4 Forged grinding ball60-65≥58

Name Chemical Composition(%)
60Mn Forged grinding ball0.52-0.650.15-0.370.60-1.200.25-0.300.020.02
B2 Forged grinding ball0.77-0.810.26-0.340.72-0.800.32-0.400.020.015
B3 Forged grinding ball0.61-0.651.75-1.850.73-0.800.80-0.880.020.015
B4 Forged grinding ball0.68-0.721.25-1.350.55-0.650.85-0.950.0150.015
B6 Forged grinding ball0.79-0.820.15-0.350.92-1.020.88-0.980.0150.015