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Do You Know Tooth Plate for Jaw Crusher

Jul 06, 2017

Tooth plate for jaw crusher is also called jaw plate, toothed plate and platen. It is the main working part of jaw crusher, just like Grinding Balls, it is also easy to wear and needs replacing in a certain period.

The Tooth Plate for Jaw Crusher is made of ZGMn13Cr2 material. The chromium amount in addition to the original high manganese steel improves the hardness of the product, at the same time goes through the water toughening treatment, water toughening treatment after casting with tensile strength, toughness, high plasticity and nonmagnetic, makes the tooth plate more durable. Shocked by the strong pressure and deformation in the using process, surface hardening, and martensite formation, thus forming a high wear-resistant surface layer, and the inner layer to maintain excellent toughness, even to wear very thin, can withstand the impact load.

Tooth Plate for Jaw Crusher