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We Offer Grinding Balls for Africa

Jul 13, 2017

Thermal power generation has been dominant in China's power supply, in 2010 the national thermal power generation capacity of 332 billion 500 million KWh, an increase of 11.7%, which accounted for 80.3% of the national electricity structure, far greater than hydropower, nuclear power and so on. The main thermal power generation uses with coal as the main energy, in order to improve the combustion rate of coal, reducing energy consumption, thermal power industry needs a large number of coal will wear Grinding Balls into a coal, coal consumption is calculated according to the 1t 0.1kg need to wear resistant materials, ball of fire industry can be imagined.

As Africa has been relatively backward in development, its demand for thermal power generation is even more impressive, and we offer Grinding Balls for Africa.

Grinding Balls