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Four Factors for Reducing The Service Life of Crusher Hammers

Sep 11, 2017

In order to improve the service life and production efficiency of Crusher Hammer, according to the current situation, Rongmao Company, Crusher Hammer Manufacturer analyzed the main factors affecting the life of crusher hammer:

1.the fragmentation and hardness of the broken material. The larger the material block, the higher the toughness requirements. The higher the hardness of the material, the higher the hardness requirement of the hammer. The specific size the crusher should be suitable for feeding granularity, which will extend the service life of the crusher hammer to a certain extent.

2.Technical parameters of crusher hammer. The important is the main rotor power and speed. They are not only related to the production capacity , but also to the degree of impact hardening. Its impact hardening degree is good, and its service life will be extended.

3.Crusher hammer structure design and product quality. Reasonable casting and heat treatment process must be developed in the production of hammer.

4.Adjustment of internal clearance of crusher hammers. The internal clearance mainly refers to the clearance between the rotor body and the counter plate and the hammer head. The size of the gap will be related to the discharge port, whether there is accumulation near the safety door or not. If the material is present, it will suffer severe friction and wear. So it is necessary to regularly adjust each part of the gap, make it is within the appropriate range. 

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