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Three Characteristics of Multi-alloy Mill Liner

Sep 06, 2017

1.High wear resistance, shock resistance. Rongmao Company, Multi-alloy Mill Liner Manufacturer use scientific and reasonable alloy elements formula, make semi self mill liner has good physical and chemical properties. The impact load can withstand high impact, continue to produce alloy surface hardening layer in the impact process and improve wear resistance.

2.High strength, high toughness. During quenching process, the thermal stability of special good quenching agent, make products meet the high strength, high hardness and high toughness perfect. 

3.High performance price ratio and good adaptability. Our company developed semi Mill Liner, through the heat treatment process of our own design, has characteristics of high hardness, high toughness quenching. It help to improve the efficiency of grinding mill, Grinding Balls, improve the output table.

Multi-alloy Mill Liner