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What Are The Requirements for Hardness of Wear Resistant Metal Alloy Steel Hammer?

Sep 13, 2017

The hardness of Wear Resistant Metal Alloy Steel Hammer is an important factor affecting its wear resistance. Generally speaking, we hope that the hardness of the wear resistant hammer is more than 0.8 times than the abrasive hardness, to obtain better wear resistance. It should be noted that this hardness refers to the hardness of the wearing face of the wear resistant hammer, rather than the initial hardness before wear.

But the Wear Resistant Hammer hardness is not the higher, the better. In some conditions, high hardness lead to microcrack initiation. To micro cutting mechanism of abrasive wear, improving the hardness of hammers to improve wear resistance. To fatigue spalling mechanism of abrasive wear, wear resistant hammers of high hardness matched with good plasticity and toughness, is conductive to improving the wear resistance.

Wear Resistant Metal Alloy Steel Hammer