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Integrated Solution

1. Energy and Consumables Saving Solution Package for Mining Operations

Integrated Solution

Consultation and Diagnosis: to provide consulting services for the construction of new plants and process inspection of mineral processing plants, plant audits and solutions implementation planning.

Objectives: to focus on solving the problems that affect our clients the most.

Commitments: to work upon mutually agreed goals.

Customized Service: to provide practical and customized energy and consumables saving solution package designed by Rongmao team of experts.

High Tech Product: to provide customized high-tech products and technical services through on-site technical support by a team of experts.

Performance Guarantee and Acceptance of Risks: to prove the performance guarantee with real energy-saving results.

Follow-up Service: to provide follow-up service and continuous support to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

Result Evaluation: to evaluate project results together with the client’s participation.

2. An expert of full-service in energy saving, consumption reduction reduction and performance improvement for mining companies.

Overall Service Solution: According to specific circumstances and working conditions in the concentrator, Rongmao Group significant expert team taking advantage of high-quality independent research and development products, advanced cutting-edge technology, customized services and the application of advanced management system, through dynamic integration of various resources, helping customers to reduce the consumption of energy, ball, liner and labor, and to improve the energy efficiency and grinding efficiency in comminution operation, to truly achieve the purpose of decreasing cost and increasing benefit.


Application Effect: Based on different working conditions and site management, overall efficiency indices can be achieved as follows: ball mill efficiency improved by about 10%, unit power consumption for grinding reduced by about 10%, the average unit consumption for grinding balls reduced by more than 30%, the loss of liner decreased by more than 50%, the labor cost saved over 50%, total cost of comminution operation reduced by more than 10% while the grind size improved by 2%-3%. This overall service solution can decrease grain percentages of the coarse and over-grinding in pulp and increase the grain percentages of easy-to-float, which creates prerequisites for further improvement of the beneficiation technology economic index.


Program features

● Technology driven and application driven to promote innovation of technology and service model, controllable risk

● Personalized customized and targeted overall service solution 

● High operation efficiency and good economic benefit 

● Remarkable energy-saving effect, operating costs can be reduced greatly