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CADI Grinding Ball vs Forged Grinding Ball

  With more and more semi autogeneous (SAG) mill in mining enterprises, the grinder diameter is growing, therefore a higher demand has been put for the quality of steel ball, that is, low broken rate, strong circular shape preservation, low processing cost. From the market analysis on current application of steel ball, low chrome and high chrome ball can not meet the requirements of large SAG mill due to high broken rate, strong circular shape preservation. Only forged grinding ball and CADI (Carbide austempered ductile iron )grinding ball can meet the requirements. As mining enterprises emphasize on processing cost control, the replacement of CADI grinding ball to forging grinding ball becomes a more and more obvious trend. From the practical application analysis on China Gold Group, Mongolia Erdenet Mining Corporation(copper molybdenum mine), Western Mining and other large mining companies, it has been an irresistible trend that CADI grinding ball will replace forged grinding ball.

More details:CADI Grinding Ball vs Forged Grinding Ball.pdf

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